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08.02.2019 r.
On October 11, 2018 partners of the T4DATA project gathered to discuss the next steps of the initiative. The main topic of the discussion were the local trainings and a series of webinars which are going to be presented in 2019 to the Data Protection Officers working in the public sector.
08.02.2019 r.
Electronic space - a platform for the exchange of information by data protection authorities as well as the electronic space accessible to all interested parties, was the main topic of the third partners’ meeting held in Italy. Further documents are created and partners implement the project goals on time.
07.02.2019 r.
The change in the approach to personal data management, the organization of activities in this area, the increasing use of rights which are guaranteed by the GDPR are just a few examples of benefits that result from the application of the new law.
04.02.2019 r.
In connection with high likelihood of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union without concluding international agreement regulating this issue, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office explained at press briefing on 17 January 2019 what would be the consequences thereof for the Polish data controllers and processors. She also gave advice on how to prepare properly for this.