The President of UODO imposed a fine in the amount of over PLN 21 000 on Anwara Sp. Z o.o. [ ... ]
The Voivodeship Administrative Court (WSA) in Warsaw dismissed the Surveyor General of Poland’s (GGK) appeal against the decision of the [ ... ]
The President of the UODO found the breach of GDPR and imposed an administrative fine in the amount of PLN [ ... ]
An administrative fine of more than PLN 85 000 imposed on an entrepreneur, conducting an economic activity in the [ ... ]
A fine of over PLN 12 000 was imposed on Smart Cities company from Warsaw for not cooperating with the [ ... ]
Barbara Grądkowska, Jen Persson and Maciej Gawroński joined the group of laureates of the ‘Michał Serzycki’ Data Protection Award. The [ ... ]
Traditionally, on the occasion of the Data Protection Day, Jan Nowak, the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO), [ ... ]
On 14 January 2021 the EDPB and EDPS adopted joint opinions on two sets of standard contractual clauses (SCCs): one [ ... ]

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