Customs Information System Supervision Coordination Group

The Customs Information System Supervision Coordination Group (“CIS SCG”) was set up by Regulation (EC) No 766/2008 to ensure a coordinated supervision in the area of personal data protection of the CIS information system. The CIS SCG consists of representatives of the National Supervisory Authorities of the Member States responsible for data protection and the European Data Protection Supervisor.

CIS SCG is a forum enabling coordination of activities concerning supervision of the Customs Information System between the European Data Protection Supervisor and the national Data Protection Authorities on the basis of Art. 37 of the Regulation 515/97 on mutual assistance between the administrative authorities of the Member States and cooperation between the latter and the Commission to ensure the correct application of the law on customs and agricultural matters.

The group meets once a year, back-to-back with the Customs Joint Supervisory Authority ('Customs JSA'). Customs JSA is a supervisory authority established on the grounds of Art. 18 of the Convention on the use of information technology for customs purposes as the authority competent to supervise operation of the Customs Information System.

The Customs Information System (“CIS”) is a computer system centralizing customs information aiming at preventing, investigating and prosecuting breaches of Community customs or agricultural legislation. The CIS is composed of a central database accessible through terminals in each Member State. The data entered in the CIS relate to goods, means of transport, businesses and people associated to such breaches. They also relate to trends in fraud, goods detained, seized or confiscated and cash detained, seized or confiscated.

More detailed information about the Customs SCG can be found on its website.