GDPR Summer Leadership Academy [update]

Already in July this year the Personal Data Protection Office is launching a new, free educational initiative entitled “GDPR Summer Leadership Academy”. This is an educational project for students and graduates enriching them with practical knowledge on the principles of personal data protection.

Recruitment is now closed!

The Academy has a nationwide scope and is aimed at students in the third to fifth year of law, administration, international relations and computer science, as well as graduates of these courses who have graduated their studies no more than three years ago.

The best experts will educate future leaders in the field of personal data protection. This is guaranteed by, among others, the staff of the Personal Data Protection Office, as well as outstanding external experts. There will be no shortage of topics related to new technologies, digitisation and legislation," said Jakub Groszkowski, Deputy President of the Polish supervisory authority.

What will participants learn?

The theme of this year's Academy is the practical aspects of data protection and privacy. This means that we will unveil to students all the ins and outs of the application of the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). In the company of experts and under the patronage of recognised institutions, we will not stop at reading the regulations!

In particular, together with the experts invited to the project, we will teach:

how to take care of personal data in times of major cyber security challenges and galloping technological progress

  • how to lodge a complaint to the President of DPA
  • how to notify a personal data protection breach
  • how to prepare for an inspection by the DPA
  • how to fulfil the responsibilities of a data protection officer.

We will unveil the behind-the-scenes workings of the supervisory authority and explain:

  • why and how the President of the Polish supervisory authority imposes administrative fines
  • why the President of the Polish supervisory authority cooperates with the European Data Protection Board
  • for what reason the President of the Polish supervisory authority  conducts educational activities.

What will participants gain?

During online lectures and onsite meetings from July to September 2023, students and young graduates can gain unique knowledge and marketable professional skills, drawing on the knowledge and experience of the Polish supervisory authority experts and current data protection leaders.

At the end of our summer meetings, in late September, participants will receive diplomas of completion of the "GDPR Summer Leadership Academy". The opportunity to complete an internship or gain employment with the Data Protection Authority will open up to the outstanding participants.

Please note that due to very high interest and a limited number of places, registration for this project is now closed!

Thank you for your interest in our latest educational initiative!