Personal Data Protection Law Institute (in Polish: "IPODO") has been established

The Poland's first institute dealing with data protection issues was established at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw under the patronage and in cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Office.

The purpose of the Institute's activities is to raise public awareness of data protection law and to promote best practices and solutions in data processing and data protection, through research, reports, education, consultancy and cooperation with other institutions, and participation in the processes of creating legal regulations in this field. The Institute is formed by a team of experts, practitioners and scientists who have a strong influence on the establishment and development of the data protection system in Poland.

- “I am pleased that a science-based initiative with such a broad spectrum of data protection activities has been established under the patronage of the Polish supervisory authority. It is a continuation of the educational activities of the late Michał Serzycki. Despite many years of functioning of the data protection system in Poland, we see a lot of challenges in the context of development of new technologies, legal regulations, education of the society, education and professionalisation of the staff dealing with data protection or promotion of proper standards and demonstration of best practices in this area. I am convinced that the Institute will engage in this mission with great success” – said Jan Nowak, President of the Polish supervisory authority.

- “The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw is a university of new possibilities. For over 20 years, as one of the leading non-public universities in Poland, we have distinguished ourselves by our openness, commitment and modern approach to education. We strive to be a leader in everything we do. I am convinced that our cooperation with the Personal Data Protection Office in creating Personal Data Protection Law Institute will allow us to implement projects of the highest standard in this area” - said Sławomir Jagieła, Director of the Postgraduate Education College at the Warsaw Academy of Economics and Human Sciences.

- “Five years of the GDPR have prompted us to create a scientific and advisory initiative on data protection. We want it to be the main centre in Poland for data protection bringing together in the Institute's Scientific Council or Working Groups the best specialists in the field. By involving the Office in the functioning of the Institute, we guarantee the flow of knowledge and experience from the only competent and specialised supervisory authority in this field. We already invite you to cooperate with us” – said Jakub Groszkowski, Deputy President of the Polish supervisory authority, the initiator and implementer of the establishment of the Institute.

The institute is a development opportunity also for the employees of the Polish supervisory authority, who  now have the possibility of postgraduate education or obtaining a degree. The scope of its activities will also support other institutions and organisations dealing with privacy protection. IPODO's aim is also to support the development of the Polish economy by promoting innovative solutions in the field of privacy and data protection.

The Institute's administrative bodies are as follows:

  • Jakub Groszkowski, Honorary President,
  • Monika Krasińska, Director,
  • Adam Sanocki, Deputy Director, and
  • Anna Dudkowska and Ewelina Janczylik-Foryś, acting as IPODO’s secretaries.

Already in May this year the Institute will establish the Scientific Council and will start its activities. We invite all those interested in cooperation to contact us at: For more information: