Competitions for students and schools settled

We already know the laureates of this year's competitions for schools and students taking part in the 12th edition of the “Your data – Your concern” educational programme. The winning entries included advice for seniors in the form of podcasts, as well as lesson plans and games.

The fundamental aim of the competitions for students and for schools and teacher training centres is to promote the principles of personal data protection among children and youth, to popularise knowledge on personal data protection among students, and to emphasise the important role of the subject of privacy and personal data protection in everyone's life.

Winners of the student competition

This year, the task for participants in the student competition was to prepare a voice recording (podcast) for seniors on the principles of personal data protection and safe use of the Internet under the slogan “Data protection in everyday life”. The competition was held in two categories: primary school and secondary school.

The winners of the competition were:

1. Primary school category

  • 1st place: Natalia Kozar from Józef Piłsudski Primary School No. 3 in School and Kindergarten Complex No. 10 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Łódzkie Voivodeship)
  • 2nd place: a team work by students from the Wanda Łyczkowska Local Government Primary School in Ostojów (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship): Antoni Obara, Dominik Ślusarczyk, Ewa Tylikowska, Jeremiasz Tokarczyk, Julia Bujnowska, Julia Osiowy, Laura Fidos, Maja Widurska, Maja Zaręba, Marcelina Wikło, Matylda Pasek, Natan Kaleta, Nela Gawlińska, Oskar Zięba, Paweł Grudniewski, Paweł Tuśnio, Samanta Skorodzień, Wiktoria Kupis, Cezary Gołąb and Gabriela Detka
  • 3rd place: Matylda Lewińska, Barbara Szczerbińska from Primary School No. 360 in Warsaw

2. Secondary school category

  • 1st place: Dawid Gęca, Mikołaj Lis from Władysław Grabski School Complex No. 1 in Lublin (Lubelskie voivodeship)
  • 2nd place: team work by students: Wiktoria Uszko, Oliwia Olchawa, Julia Sroka, Karolina Marek, Patrycja Filipowicz, Wiktoria Zwolińska from the Group of Economic Schools in Nowy Sącz (Małopolskie Voivodeship)
  • 3rd place: Paweł Skura, Franciszek Kuna, Miłosz Pisarek from Tadeusz Kościuszko Technical School Complex in Radom (Mazowieckie Voivodeship)

Winners of the competition for the best educational initiative

Traditionally, along with the competition for students, the Personal Data Protection Office (UODO) announced a competition for schools and teacher training centres. In this competition, the best educational activity (e.g. activities, games, educational games, workshops) was selected that served to disseminate knowledge on data protection and the right to privacy among students and teachers, and were implemented in the 2021/2022 school year based on original lesson plans.

Winners of the initiative of the year competition:

  • 1st place: Primary School No. 360 in Warsaw – winner of the “Golden Pen” statuette
    "Successful Official Original Debut - 360 minutes about data protection”. The initiative includes eight lesson plans in the form of publications developed by students and teachers (with a view to hold various classes, such as Polish, mathematics, history, IT, library class, English and early childhood education).
  • 2nd place: Władysław Jagiełło Primary School No. 9 in Kutno
    “8 adventures with the GDPR, joint gamification in the evening at PS9. A school road to knowledge on data protection”. An integrative lesson based on gamification was organised at the school, in the form of a “paper chase” game, involving the solving of various tasks (e.g. crossword, puzzle, quiz, spot, music recording, puns, escape room, mini debate).
  • 3rd place: Primary School No. 5 with Integration Classes in Wieluń
    The initiative consisted of organising a happening under the slogan “Your data – Your concern”, involving various activities: posters, newspapers, a performance according to an original scenario.

A distinction was also awarded in this competition, which went to the Special School and Educational Centre No. 2 in Kielce – for an outdoor educational game using QR codes. The game introduced pupils to basic data protection issues (IT classes, personal and social functioning, preparation to work).

We congratulate the winners!