Sectoral Inspection Plan for 2019

In accordance with the annual plan of sectoral inspection approved by the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (PDPO), the Office will verify personal data processing in areas such as: telemarketing, profiling in banking and insurance sector and the waste identification and monitoring system in 2019.

The employees of the PDPO will also check whether sharing data in the Public Information Bulletin by entities obliged to do so does not violate the provisions on the personal data protection.

In 2019, the PDPO will take a closer look at such entities as: the Police, Border Guard and detention centres, checking their use of technical and organizational measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access, copying, changing or deleting data.

In addition, the PDPO will continue its inspections of 2018, which concern i.e. city video surveillance.

Scheduled inspections are dictated mainly by numerous signals (including complaints, questions and reports of violations of personal data protection) indicating the threat of violation of the provisions on the personal data protection in the abovementioned areas of activity.

2019-07-02 Metadane artykułu