Summary of the 9th edition of the programme "Your Data - Your Concern"

About 2 000 teachers and over 45 000 students from 335 educational institutions from all over the country took part in the 9th edition of the "Your Data - Your Concern" programme run by the Personal Data Protection Office. This school year 4 000 lessons were devoted to the protection of personal data and privacy as a part of the programme.

Seminar summarizing the 9th edition of the national educational programme "Your Data - Your Concern. Effective personal data protection. An educational initiative addressed to students and teachers " was held on 11 June 2019 in Warsaw.

In the opinion of Mirosław Sanek - Deputy President of the Personal Data Protection Office - the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Office’s educational programme helps to raise the knowledge regarding personal data protection and the right to privacy among teachers and students. This is especially important because the provisions on the personal data protection put great emphasis on the protection of children's data and education in this area.


In this school year, the educational programme ‘Your Data - Your Concern’ was attended by a record number of educational institutions - 335 primary and secondary schools and teacher training centres. Over 45 000 students participated in the programme. Around 4 000 lessons were delivered on the personal data protection.

3 635 teachers benefited from the trainings offered under the programme and about 2 000 were engaged in the implementation of various educational initiatives which involved the school community and the local environment.

Almost every day participants of the programme informed PDPO about additional initiatives undertaken in their facilities. 1 139 educational activities were carried out, including 410 on the occasion of the Data Protection Day.

Initiatives undertaken by teachers and students involved the school community and the local environment. Therefore the idea of protection of privacy and personal data was an important element of school and out-of-school education.


During seminar summarizing the 9th edition of the programme “Your Data – Your Concern’ the winners of two competitions aimed at disseminating knowledge about right to privacy and personal data protection were granted the prizes.

Diplomas were also awarded to the schools which received the title of "Expert in GDPR" and for the most active students ─ "Young Data Protection Officers".

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