29th Edition of the Conference of European Data Protection Authorities

The 29th Edition of the Conference of European Data Protection Authorities, which took place on 8-10.05.2019 in Tbilisi, gathered representatives of Supervisory Authorities from the European Union and the Eastern Partnership Countries. This year’s edition of the Conference was organised by the Georgian Data Protection Authority.


Urszula Góral – Director of the International Cooperation and Education Department, representing the Personal Data Protection Office of Poland, presented the activities of the Polish SA in the field of protection of child’s data, prevention and counteraction of cyberbullying. All the speakers agreed that readymade teaching aids for teachers and students in the field of data protection for the youngest are still missing. In this context, the ‘ARCADES’ project initiated in 2014 by the Polish SA, which resulted inter alia in publication ‘The European Handbook for Teaching Privacy and Data Protection as Schools’, aroused great interest. 


In the panel ‘Review of Data Protection Sub-Group Activities’ Director Góral presented a summary of the activities of the Central and Eastern Europe Data Protection Authorities (CEEDPA) initiated and coordinated by the Polish SA. The presentation also coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership which was celebrated at the same time.


The Conference programme also included topics related to: achievements and challenges related to the implementation and enforcement of GDPR, key novel features of the Modernised Convention 108+ and the influence of international organisations on raising data protection and privacy standards.

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