SIS II Supervision Coordination Group

The Schengen Information System II Supervision Coordination Group (“SIS II SCG”) is a body set up by the SIS II Regulation and the SIS II Decision (both referred to as “the SIS II legal framework”) to ensure a coordinated supervision in the area of personal data protection of the SIS II large-scale information system. The SIS II SCG replaced the Schengen Joint Supervisory Authority (JSA) after the second generation SIS (the “SIS II”), entered into force on 9 April 2013 – playing a similar role. The SIS II SCG consists of representatives of the National Supervisory Authorities of the Member States responsible for data protection and the European Data Protection Supervisor.

Members of the Group cooperate and meet at least twice a year to:

  • Share its experiences,
  • Discuss problems regarding the interpretation or the application of the SIS II legal framework;
  • Analyse difficulties regarding the supervision or the exercise of the rights of data subject.
  • Assist each other when carrying out audits and inspections,
  • Draw up harmonised proposals for joint solutions and promotes awareness of data protection rights.

A joint report of activities shall be sent to the European Parliament, the Council, the Commission and the Management Authority every two years.

More detailed information about the SIS II SCG can be found on its website.

Information on the exercise in the Republic of Poland of the rights of individuals whose data are processed in SIS can be found on the website of the Commander in Chief of the Police.

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